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Field Trips

The Oakville Indian Mounds offers a variety of field trip experiences.  Our museum is always free to the public, but for groups of 15 or more we can provide additional experiences.

Walking Tour and Prehistoric Time Periods (all ages): Our $2 per person (15 minimum) tour is a guided walking tour to both of our Indian Mounds and our lake. Inside the museum, the tour guide takes the group through each of the four prehistoric time periods and highlights some of our collection of projectile points.

Hands-On Activities (pre-K through 6th grade):  $5 per student (15 minimum) tour, parents and teachers free. Groups are divided into smaller groups and participate in different educational stations.  Each grade has separate activities.  For example, Kindergarten stations are Canoe, Dress up, Necklace making, Native American Food Tasting Station, Bow and Arrow Demonstration and Dancing.  4th Grade stations are Cornhusk Dolls, Native American Food Tasting Station, Archaeology Station, and Atlatl Throw.  We have dozens of different stations that can be chosen from and we customize the experience to the teacher's needs. This tour also included a guided walk to both mounds.

Pottery Lesson (4th grade and up):  $8 per student (10 minimum) involves an hour long pottery class as well as hands on activity
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